A retro display from the future.

Tidbyt shows you weather, stocks, transit, and a whole lot more.

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If it fits in 64 by 32 pixels...

Tidbyt can display pretty much anything, as long as it fits on the screen:

⛅️ Weather
📆 Calendar
📈 Stocks
🚀 Cryptocurrency
🚉 Trains
⛴ Ferries
🚲 Bike shares
🖼 Photos & art
🎵 What you're listening to

We're always adding more features.

Customize your Tidbyt

Every Tidbyt is unique, and with the Tidbyt app, you can schedule what you want to see and when. Your subway stop every morning? Got it. Your calendar throughout the day? Done.

Here's a quick demonstration of how all of this works—

Cycle through multiple apps

Choose multiple apps to be displayed on your Tidbyt at the same time. It will cycle or rotate through, displaying each of them for either 5, 10 or 15 seconds (you pick).

Easily cycle through multiple stock tickers, time and weather in different cities, multiple subway stops, a bunch of fun messages, or all of the above.

Brightness controls & night mode

With auto-dimming, Tidbyt automatically adjusts its brightness as the sun rises and sets. It'll remain at your selected brightness level during the day, and gradually go dimmer as the sun sets in the evening.

Build your own apps for Tidbyt

We built Tidbyt to be an open platform, so you can build your own applets and experiences for your Tidbyt. If you can write a bit of Python, then Tidbyt gives you super powers.

Build your own Tidbyt scripts with just a few lines of code!

With our API and SDK, you can build your own in minutes. Write whatever you'd like and push it to your Tidbyt to be displayed instantly.

Thanks, we'll keep you posted!

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Have questions?

What's it made out of?
Tidbyt is a tiny computer and a screen full of pretty LED's, all in a walnut hardwood case.
Can I make my own apps for it?
Tidbyt is totally hackable — you can write your own apps to show whatever you want. You can even use Tidbyt to learn how to code. 🔧

We also have a Tidbyt API available to integrate your Tidbyt with other services.
How do I choose what my Tidbyt shows?
Use your Android or iPhone to choose what you want your Tidbyt to show. Pick from world clocks, weather forecasts, transit, bike share, stocks, calendars, and more.
Can I use Tidbyt without my phone?
Totally, that's the point. You need an Android or iPhone to setup Tidbyt at first. After that, it works on its own over Wi-Fi.
I've got an idea to share!
Great! Head on over to the Tidbyt community forum and share your ideas or feedback.