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How do I choose what my Tidbyt shows?
Use your Android or iPhone to choose what you want your Tidbyt to show. Pick from world clocks, weather forecasts, transit, bike share, stocks, calendars, and more.
What's it made out of?
Tidbyt is a tiny computer and a screen full of pretty LED's, all in a walnut hardwood case.
Can I make my own apps for it?
Soon! Tidbyt is totally hackable — you can write your own apps to show whatever you want. You can even use Tidbyt to learn how to code. 🔧
Can I use Tidbyt without my phone?
Totally, that's the point. You need an Android or iPhone to setup Tidbyt at first. After that, it works on its own over Wi-Fi.
How does the beta program work?
Pretty simple. We send you one of our first Tidbyt's and ask you for your feedback. With that feedback, we keep making your Tidbyt better and better.
When will Tidbyt ship?
We're pretty far along in the development process, with a handful of prototypes in the wild. We're hoping to send out a new batch of beta units this summer 📦